Welcome to the P'n'P Joggler Project Website. Please read the following text carefully before installing this on your Joggler!

P'n'P for Joggler is a little software that enables your Joggler to run many new apps such as a mobile webbrowser or the Squeezeplay Webradio Software from Logitech. All you need to do, is download the file at the end of this text, extract it to your usb key, plug it to your joggler and reboot it by powering off and on again.

The script will automatically install telnet, ssh ans scp access to your joggler!

When the script has completed its work, you should see the o2 menu again and should have a new message in your inbox.

Now, it's up to you: You find a new installed webserver on your Joggler, which you can reach using a your computer and a webbrowser and typing

The webinterface offers you many useful features, like the possibility to install, uninstall or update apps and tools on the Joggler. It uses the Joggler's message feature for notifications, that tell you, if a install or uninstall operation was successfull.

It also checks online everytime, if your webserver version is up to date. If there are updates available, it will indicate this on the home screen!

Furthermore, the webserver gives you the ability to control things like the display timeout or brightness or to run apps or browse files.

The whole system is upgradeable over the internet, so you just need to install the Base Package once from USB!

Important information:

The Base Script will delete the entire /media/squeezingtarkan folder once.
It also removes the icons from squeezeplayer, bbclive, swf manager, screen on/off and Opera Mobile on the first call. This is needed to clear things up for the new structure of all this.
Therefore, you need to reinstall all software after the first run. But that's done in less than 5 minutes... :-)

Please also backup personal data in /media/squeezingtarkan and own content in the URL.txt file from SWF Manager, as it will be overwritten during install!

This is the very first releae, so I call it "beta". Thanks for all your comments over here:

If the base install should not work for you, try another usb key. Not all are supported this way.

Install Script creates a file "remove_for_new_install" on the usb key. Remove it, if you whish to repeat the procedure (on another Joggler)

Tested this on three Joggler's.

Last but not least:
If you like it, donate me a beer :-) Buttons at the bottom.


Remember to extract the zip file to the root of your usb key!

click me for download!



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